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Auto Problem? Need a mechanic or some other help?

Maybe you need a tow truck. There could be one in your neighborhood already.

North Oakland Motorists Want These Emergency Services

  • Need a tow around the East Bay? Just Call.
  • Dead battery? Get your vehicle going.
  • Out of gas? A gallon or two can be on the way.
  • Have a flat tire? Get it swapped out or be hauled somewhere to get a new one.
  • Keys locked in car? Get it opened.

Speediest Service in the City

The local trucks are pretty active around our town, so you may have seen one of them assisting some other motorist.

Find an experienced local company who has assisted quite a number of car owners during the last several years.

If you need a tow truck to come visit you, your day most likely isn’t going very well. But you can get some fast help.

Why Call a Professional

Roadside helper

A car issue never seems to come up at a convenient time. And it’s a annoying adventure.

Your driver tries to get to every support call as fast as possible.

Each tow service lately has neat and sophisticated trucks with all the essential equipment.

The operators are safe and experienced and usually nice too.

There are California regulations and rules concerning how a tow truck driver does their job.

Your driver will observe all such guidelines.

When you call, your towing service will do whatever they have to do to get you on your way or move your car to where it should go.

Fast Emergency Towing near Richmond and El Cerrito

If a technical issue has you and your car or truck sitting in a parking lot or alongside some road somewhere, there is someone who can come to your location and get it going or transport it to where you want it to go.

Local tow operators realize how much you like your car.

They will conduct each portion of the operation cautiously so your car or truck is never dinged or damaged.

All Hours Battery Jump Start in Northern Oakland

Can’t get your car started today? Is it not making any noise at all when you try and start it?

Most likely, as soon as you hook up a good battery up to your weak one, the car will start.

Then, while you are driving your car, the engine will get the weak battery charged up again.

Whenever a car still won’t get going while getting jumped, then the true trouble lies somewhere else in the starting system.

In a situation like this, your operator will move the car to a repair garage or mechanic that you prefer.

Fuel Tank is Empty

It’s not hard to prevent, but every day one or more motorists in our city runs out of fuel on the highway.

If you’re stuck someplace and you can’t find a friend that can bring you some fuel quick, a tow company will be happy to bring you what you need.

Flat Tire Repairs

A flat tire can happen so easy.

If you’re fortunate because your leak is minor enough, you might be able to put some air into it and go on your way to get it fixed.

Or you may be able to take the bad tire off and put your spare tire on.

Often, however, such as when a bad tire develops on a hectic freeway at rush hour, or the driver has no working spare tire, a towing service will load the vehicle up and take it to a local tire store to get swapped or patched.

Car Unlocking

Many of us have accidentally closed the trunk with our keys in it or found another way to close our keys inside our vehicle.

Tow truck drivers and car locksmiths can often get into a locked car.

They use special tools and training to get most locked doors open.

It takes a little effort and a bit of luck, but they are generally successful.

No Emergency? Let’s Set up a Tow for Another Day?

Got a car in your driveway that won’t run? Need to have it towed someplace?

You can set up a day to have it done.

If there is a stranger’s car or truck parked at your property, there are regulations with regards to what you can do about it. You can learn about your options.

Your Towing Company in Richmond

Once your tow reaches your vehicle, your driver’s goal is to either get you inside your vehicle and get you back on the highway, or carry your car someplace it can be repaired.

There are times when people have an issue with their car, but they do not know which repair garage they should bring it to.

Your tow driver will be aware of some good, affordable mechanics.

In case you got some damage from a collision and now you can’t drive your vehicle, possibly your own or the other driver’s insurance company might have a repair shop they would like you to use.

If you don’t know where you should take your damaged car, your tow operator might have a few popular options for you to look at.

Left the House Without Any Cash?

It’s no problem if you don’t have cash. Towing operators will take your credit card.

And you can receive a general estimate on price when you call.

Get to Your Location Quick

Most East Bay trucks are generally out around the city taking care of other vehicle owners as you call.

When you call, the service dispatcher places your name and location on the list to get served as soon as possible.

Sitting and waiting for a service vehicle to show up isn’t much fun. Your driver understands.

He will do his best to lessen your waiting time.

Can Trucks Come To Your Location?

If your car or truck is somewhere north of Oakland, somebody should be able to help you out.

A few of the locations motorists are helped in include Richmond, El Cerrito, Kensington and far west Contra Costa County.

Get Help Here:

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  • El Cerrito
  • Kensington
  • Far West Contra Costa County

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